We’re standing up for compassion, diversity and inclusion, and strength in our shared humanity, but we can’t do it alone

With your support we will make sure no Western Australians feel the sting of exclusion because of what they look like, where they come from or which faith they follow.

Western Australians are proud of our multicultural society.

Multiculturalism is one of Australia’s enduring successes, and it should be protected and celebrated. In a culturally and linguistically diverse society, we have to make sure our Government serves the needs of all Western Australians.

Our multiculturalism is something to be proud of, and to celebrate. But it is vital we make sure that our Government, our schools, workplaces and services are well placed to empower and support our migrant communities.

Millions of migrants have made Australia their home and we are fortunate that our rich and unique communities have contributed immeasurably to our country. Sadly, the recent rise of the right-wing in the Liberal and One Nation parties has led to new and emerging communities coming under attack.

The Greens reject these close-minded, racist ideologies. We are proud to stand up for the rights of all people — regardless of culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, language, place of birth or citizenship status — to participate equally in our social, economic and cultural life.

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The Greens will:

Work towards the introduction of a Multiculturalism Act, similar to those in Victoria and Queensland.

Work towards an anti-racism strategy to counter divisive groups and language that damages and divides our community.

Advocate for the restoration of peak body advocacy funding to the Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia.

Work towards the establishment of transcultural health and mental health services which operate on a hub and spoke model in order to ensure equal access to these essential services.

Call for the establishment of culturally specific services for CaLD families experiencing domestic and family violence.

Work towards ensuring that public infrastructure has integration of design principles and standards that are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse communities.

Advocate for the establishment of a dedicated Multilingual Service.

We’re standing up for compassion, diversity and inclusion, and strength in our shared humanity, but we can’t do it alone

The Genuine Alternative

We need leaders with the courage and vision to take action to invest in the new economy and ensure we have affordable and accessible health and education services people need.

From bringing integrity back into government to drug reform to switching from coal to renewables, we will take action to put forward the visionary ideas and courageous solutions WA needs, and the practical steps we need to take to get there, but we can’t do it alone.

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